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Kastelli Kissamos beach apartments: Staying in an apartment in Mavros Molos beach

Staying in a Kastelli Kissamos beach apartment lets you enjoy both the picturesque town and the marvelous beach. Arodamos Apartments & Studios are located at the area of Mavros Molos beach.

In Mavros Molos beach you can find the best beach apartments in Kastelli Kissamos. Mavros Molos, although located some hundred meters west of the town center is in fact the only "real" beach in the town.

The main beach of Kastelli Kissamos - and why you will not find any "beach apartments" there

The main beach near the center of Kastelli Kissamos town, also called "Telonio" beach, is not suitable for swimming, as it is rocky and a small wall separates the beach from the coastal pedestrian road.

This is not the ideal place to stay, if you want to be close to a beach you can swim in. The apartments here are close to the center of Kastelli Kissamos, but they can hardly be called "beach apartments".

Although you cannot swim in Telonio beach, you can find in the area some of the nice restaurants, cafes and bars of Kastelli Kissamos. You can also walk on the pedestrian road passing along the rocky coastline.

Why stay in a Kastelli Kissamos beach apartment in Mavros Molos beach

Mavros Molos used to be a relatively isolated beach, with a couple of beach apartments in the area and some locals of Kastelli Kissamos swimming in its crystal-clear water. But not anymore.

Nowadays, the beach of Mavros Molos combines tranquility with very good amenities. Apart from a selection of beach apartments, you can also find excellent restaurants, cafes and beach bars.

The beach is organized, with sun beds and parasols, but there is ample space to sit on the sand, if you prefer to. The sandy beach is not only the best in Kastelli Kissamos, but one of the best in West Chania region, as well.

When you stay in a Kastelli Kissamos beach apartment in Mavros Molos beach, you can take a nice walk to the small fish harbor of Kastelli Kissamos, which lies about 700 meters to the west of the beach. Close to the fish harbor you can find one of the best fish taverns in town. Keep in mind that this is not the commercial harbor of Kissamos, where you can take the boat to Balos beach, Gramvousa islet and even mainland Greece. The commercial port is in a distance of more than a kilometer to the west of the fish harbor.

Staying in a beach apartment in Mavros Molos beach lets you experience the distinct beach culture of Kastelli Kissamos. And Arodamos Apartments & Studios is possibly the best choice for your accommodation by the beach, as, apart from the sea and the sun, you also have a nice selection of amenities as standard, along with the authentic Cretan hospitality. What else could you possibly want from your Kastelli Kissamos beach apartment?