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North West Chania: Apartments, beaches and sights in the region

The region of North West Chania is one of the most interesting and unspoilt areas of Crete, which you can fully experience when staying in Kastelli Kissamos and Arodamos Apartments & Studios.

Kastelli Kissamos is the largest town in West Chania region, with tourist apartments and hotels offering a broad range of amenities. The infrastructure of the town is excellent, with plenty of shops for your everyday needs.

North West Chania is a great destination in itself, famous all over Greece for its splendid beaches.

Beaches and apartments in the North West Chania region

Some of the best beaches in Crete can be found right in the North West Chania region. Many of them are pretty undeveloped, or even totally isolated, without any tourist apartments or hotels, which makes them even more attractive.

First of all, in Kastelli Kissamos town there is the great beach of Mavros Molos, where Arodamos Apartments & Studios are located. It is the only "real" beach in the town with fine sand and crystal-clear water. Just behind the beach you can find restaurants, cafes and mini markets.

Another excellent beach in North West Chania is Balos lagoon and beach. Balos is an amazing tropical lagoon on the north part of the isolated Gramvousa peninsula. There are no apartments or accommodation options in Balos. The only thing you can find in the picturesque lagoon is a small cafe.

As there are no paved roads leading to it, the best way to get to to Balos lagoon is by boat from the Kastelli Kissamos harbor. The best way for your accommodation when visiting Balos is a good apartment in Kastelli Kissamos.

Another great beach in North West Chania is Falasarna (or Phalasarna). Falasarna is a kilometers-long sandy beach with crystal-clear water. The infrastructure is good. Close to the beach you can find some beach bars, canteens and restaurants. There are some tourist apartments in the area, but in a distance from the beach. Many visitors who visit Falasarna prefer Kastelli Kissamos for their accommodation.

The traditional, rural character of North West Chania region

North West Chania, and especially the area around Kastelli Kissamos and Arodamos Apartments & Studios is renowned for its rural character and splendid natural landscape. The olive groves, the vineyards, the orange trees, create all together a landscape unique in Chania and Crete.

Scattered in the whole area of North West Chania are small, traditional villages, where you can experience the rural part - and heart - of Crete. Here, not many things have changed in the last decades, and the friendly locals still gather in the local "kafeneio", as in the old days. And all these in a short distance from your hotel or apartment, and with plenty of local buses connecting Kastelli Kissamos to every local village.

In Kastelli Kissamos, a whole new world awaits for you to discover. Away from the spotlight of the mainstream tour operators, the unspoilt North West Chania region is yours to enjoy, when staying in Arodamos Apartments & Studios.