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Falasarna (Phalasarna): A great beach and place to explore, when staying in Arodamos Apartments & Studios

Falasarna (or Phalasarna) boasts for one of the best beaches in Crete and Greece. The gorgeous beach of Falasarna is just about 10 kilometers west of Kastelli Kissamos and Arodamos Apartments & Studios. The road to the beach is in excellent condition.

Falasarna (Phalasarna), apart from a stunning beach, is at the same time a small settlement, and a well-known ancient city, the ancient Falasarna, one of the wealthiest cities in Minoan Crete. There are some tourist apartments in the area, but it is preferable to stay in a good apartment in Kastelli Kissamos, if you want to enjoy a better range of amenities.

Falasarna (Phalasarna) beach - simply gorgeous!

Falasarna beach is a big sandy coastal zone with crystal-clear water. The area around the beach is pretty much undeveloped, and this is a good thing, if you love nature and isolation. There are no tourist apartments close to the beach, but you will find some beach bars, canteens and restaurants in the vicinity - each in a distance of the other, as the beach is vast.

Behind the beach, especially on its west and north sides, the scenery is amazing, with high mountains rising steeply to the sky. When arriving to Phalasarna beach from its west side, you cannot fail to be impressed by the breathtaking view of the beach and the Falasarna area. There are a couple of small parking places on the side of the road where you can enjoy the great view - and where, of course, you can take some pictures that will make them all jealous back home!

To better explore the beach of Falasarna, it's good to know that there are in fact three distinct beaches. The first beach lies on the south and is called "Pachia Ammos" (meaning "thick sand" in Greek). The second beach, located a little bit northern than the first, is the main beach of Phalasarna. Both beaches are relatively organized during the summer months, with sun beds and parasols.

These two beaches are generally considered what we call "Falasarna beach". But there is also a third beach further to the north, where the paved road ends. This remote beach, the "hidden" Phalasarna beach, is smaller and isolated, but equally picturesque. It is also ideal for families with children, as the water is shallow, especially in the small natural "pools" that are formed by the sandy coastline and the rocks. Close by you can also find a couple of taverns and tourist apartments - although some people prefer to do free camping, which is tolerated in the area.In this beach you can also find a bar sitting high on the rocky cliff, which offers one of the most magical sunsets in Crete.

Finally, keep in mind that Falasarna beach is vulnerable to west winds. Therefore, you should avoid getting there for swimming when there are strong winds blowing from the west, as most of these times swimming is difficult or even prohibited.

Staying in a tourist apartment in Falasarna (Phalasarna)

You can find some tourist apartments in Falasarna, but not many. The place is a good choice to stay only if you prefer to be in relative isolation. Before making a reservation in Phalasarna, it's a good thing to first check the apartments and the amenities offered yourself.

Apart from the small number of tourist apartments in the area, the general infrastructure for travellers is basic. In a short distance from the main Falasarna beach you can find a mini market, which caters for locals and visitors alike.

Falasarna is a great place to explore. The stunning beach, the breathtaking views over the mountains of the area, and the ruins of the glorious Minoan city of ancient Falasarna (Phalasarna), they all make a visit to the area very worthwhile when staying in Kastelli Kissamos and Arodamos Apartments & Studios.