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Gramvousa peninsula and islets: Discover their wild beauty while staying in Arodamos Apartments & Studios

Gramvousa is the oblong peninsula on the west of the picturesque bay of Kastelli Kissamos. It is a largely uninhabited peninsula with no amenities for tourists and no hotels or tourist apartments.

Gramvousa is also the name of two islets on the north edge of the peninsula. The first, Iremi Gramvousa or "Tame Gramvousa" lies on the mouth of the magnificent Balos lagoon and beach. The second, Agria Gramvousa, or "Wild Gramvousa", which is called like that because of its rugged terrain and steep rocky coastline, lies northern of Imeri Gramvousa. Both of the islets do not have any hotels or tourist apartments, as well - in fact, they are uninhabited.

Gramvousa peninsula and islets - untouched nature and Venetian ruins

Both the peninsula and the islets of Gramvousa are remote, not easily accessible places. When in the area, you feel more like being in a small, secluded island, then in a big, popular island like Crete. This feeling is reinforced by the total absence of tourist amenities, hotels, or tourist apartments.

Gramvousa peninsula is known for its impressive rocky terrain, its raw natural beauty and its very interesting wild flowers. It is also known for the famous Balos lagoon and beach lying close to its northwest edge.

On the mouth of Balos lagoon and beach, the islet of Imeri Gramvousa is known for the ruins of its Venetian castle. It used to be one of the biggest and better fortified Venetian castles in Crete, originally built in 1580.

The Gramvousa castle, as it is called, lies at an altitude of about 140 meters above sea level, at a great strategic point with unobstructed view to every direction. The castle is popular with visitors in the know during recent years, as its breathtaking view to the sea and to Gramvousa Peninsula is a hard-to-forget experience, one of the best of its kind in the Chania area.

The history of Gramvousa castle is possibly as rich as it gets. The well-fortified castle remained under Venetian control for decades after the Ottomans managed to capture Crete. Later, it played a very important role in the uprising of the Cretans against Ottoman rule in the 19th century, and at times it was used as a pirates' lair. If the walls and stones of the - now deserted and mostly ruined - castle could talk, they would recite countless stories of human successes and failures...

The best place to stay when exploring Gramvousa peninsula and islets: Kastelli Kissamos and Arodamos Apartments & Studios

Kastelli Kissamos lies at the southeastern end of the Gramvousa peninsula. It is the best place to stay in order to have easy access to Gramvousa peninsula and the Gramvousa islets.

First of all, the Kastelli Kissamos harbor, which is close to Arodamos Apartments & Studios, is the place where you can take the boat to Balos lagoon and beach, and to Imeri Gramvousa islet. During this trip, which lasts for about an hour, you have the opportunity to also see a large part of the Gramvousa peninsula. The view from the sea is perfect in order to admire the raw nature and the unique rugged terrain of the peninsula, which forms interesting caves, like the cave of Tersanas. You can also see the impressive land elevation of about 8 meters that has taken place in West Crete during the last 20 centuries, a very interesting geological phenomenon.

From Kastelli Kissamos you can also rent a 4x4 vehicle in order to explore the only dirt road of the peninsula leading to Balos lagoon and beach. The "4x4" in this case is obligatory, as the road is not in such a good condition - but this is not essentially a bad thing, if you consider the rich flora and fauna of the area, which is still untouched by modern development.

Gramvousa peninsula and islets are considered one of the most remote and well-preserved natural hideouts in the Mediterranean. As there are no hotels or tourist apartments in the peninsula or the islets, by far the best option to stay is in Kastelli Kissamos, the biggest town in the area. There, in the scenic beach of Mavros Molos, you will find Arodamos Apartments & Studios, the ideal place to stay when exploring the amazing Gramvousa peninsula and islets.