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Kastelli Kissamos apartments: Advantages of staying in an apartment

Kastelli Kissamos apartments are the main - and for most visitors the best - type of accommodation in the town. As with all the popular towns and villages in Crete, staying in a nice apartment will help you better immerse yourself in the local way of living.

Many apartments in Kastelli Kissamos have been renovated and upgraded in recent years, offering accommodation equal to, or even better, than a small hotel in Chania city - and in a lower price.

Staying in an apartment in Kastelli Kissamos

Kastelli Kissamos town combines the charm of a small rural town with the comfort of excellent infrastructure and amenities. This infrastructure - in contrast with other towns and villages in Chania region - is present all year round, and existed long before the tourist apartments in the area. It has to do with Kastelli Kissamos being a populous small town, and at the same time the central marketplace for all the villages in the area.

There are great shops in Kastelli Kissamos which, although very close to your apartment, attract customers from as far as Chania city. Known are the restaurants, the bakeries, and the patisseries of Kastelli Kissamos.

Regarding nightlife, things are relatively quiet, but during the tourist season you can find some pretty good cafes and bars, catering for the visitors and the locals alike. You can find most of them close to the beach. An added bonus is that in Kastelli Kissamos everything is really close to your apartment, so you can easily avoid driving after drinking.

Kastelli Kissamos apartments - modern, quality accommodation in a low price

The locals in Kastelli Kissamos are truly "obsessed" with providing excellent accommodation to visitors in the hotels and tourist apartment of the town. This is possibly the main reason for the rapid improvement of the accommodation offers and the tourist services in recent years.

Owners of hotels and tourist apartments in the town have realized that they must provide modern, quality accommodation in par with that offered in Chania city. This is great for you, the visitor, as these days you can find a very comfortable apartment in Kastelli Kissamos in a fraction of the price you would have to pay just a couple of years ago to rent the same apartment in Chania city.

If you also take under account the excellent beach of Kastelli Kissamos, along with all the other great beaches in the area, and the beautiful natural landscape, renting a quality apartment in Kastelli Kissamos is great value for money.

This summer, it's time for a unique vacation: A vacation that will get you in touch with the rural face of Crete and Chania, and enable you to explore some of the best, untouched beaches in Crete and Greece. This summer, we await you in our charming Kastelli Kissamos apartments.