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Balos lagoon: A real tropical lagoon and a magnificent beach close to Arodamos Apartments & Studios

Balos lagoon is a real tropical lagoon and beach close to Kastelli Kissamos and Arodamos Apartments & Studios. The best way to get to the lagoon is by boat from the Kastelli Kissamos harbor (see "How to get to Balos lagoon" below).

Balos is an one-of a kind picturesque lagoon that underlines the large variety of great beaches in West Chania, and especially in the area of Kastelli Kissamos and Arodamos Apartments & Studios.

Balos lagoon - an amazing lagoon and beach

The charm of Balos lagoon starts with its sand. It is white with touches of pink and plenty of seashells - in fact the pinkish color of the sand has to do with the seashells. The sand is so fine and special, that you have to see it to believe it - or better, walk on it and feel its magic!

The turquoise water inside the lagoon is shallow and warm. Balos lagoon is truly like a huge natural pool in the middle of a spectacular landscape. All the area around Balos is untouched from development, as there are no houses, hotels or apartments.

Another great thing about Balos is that you can combine the warm, shallow water of the lagoon with the colder, crystal-clear deep water of the sea just outside the lagoon. The open sea in Balos is a better fit to more experienced swimmers, and snorkeling is a great option, as there are hordes of different species of fishes.

How to get to Balos lagoon

Balos lagoon is not easily accessible - and this is a good thing, as it keeps the tourist buses out of the area. The best way to get there is by boat from the Kastelli Kissamos harbor. Every day, the boat leaves from Kastelli Kissamos to Balos in the morning and returns early in the evening. Keep in mind that there are no hotels or tourist apartments in the area around Balos.

You can also get to Balos lagoon using a 4x4 vehicle, or an appropriate motorcycle, by following the dirt road leading to the beach that starts at the small village of Kaliviani. After parking at the designated parking area, you will have to walk to the lagoon for about 15 minutes (the path is relatively easy). You may be in a hurry to experience the fine turquoise water of the lagoon, but do not miss the breathtaking view to Balos beach and the surrounding area from the car parking place! Keep in mind that there is a low symbolic price of 1€ in order to enter the Balos lagoon area from the car parking place. These money are used for the cleaning and care of the lagoon and beach.

Another - third - way to get to Balos lagoon is for the fit: on foot. The dirt road to the beach from the village of Kaliviani is about 10 kilometers long, and the hike takes about 3 hours.

The stunning location of Balos lagoon, free from man-made houses, hotels and apartments

Balos lagoon lies into the scenic cove with the same name. At the mouth of the cove lies Gramvousa island. Apart from the magnificent natural landscape, this small island protects Balos cove and lagoon from the northern summer winds, the well-known "meltemia" in Greece. The end result is that the water in Balos is always calm, irrespective of the sea conditions in the area, or the power of the wind.

The natural, untouched landscape in the area around Balos is an environmentally protected area, according to the Natura 2000 European program and the Greek law. This means that, apart from the absence of any houses, hotels and apartments, you will also not find many tourist amenities here. There is only one small beach café and snack bar in Balos serving cool water, coffee, refreshments and light lunch. Many visitors bring something to eat with them, and it is a good idea to bring some water with you, too. Also, the absence of trees or shade in general in the lagoon means that you need to have sufficient protection from the sun - in the form of either a hat, or a sunscreen, or ideally both. Recently the local municipality has also put some parasols and sun beds on the beach.

Balos lagoon is a stunning, one-of-a-kind beach, close to Kastelli Kissamos. As there are no hotels or tourist apartments in the area, the best place to stay when you want to experience the great beach at Balos lagoon is Kastelli Kissamos and Arodamos Apartments & Studios.