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West Chania accommodation: Open the door to a

The West Chania region is not only Kastelli Kissamos and the amazing beaches in the north. If you like to explore the area around your accommodation, you will find a rural part of Crete that has remained untouched by time.

Your accommodation in Kastelli Kissamos gives you easy access to everything West Chania region has to offer. If you don't have a car, you can still use the excellent local bus network, which connects the town to every small village in the region.

Of unique beauty, and both towards the south of the West Chania region, are the so-called Ennia Horia and the amazing Elafonissi lagoon and beach.

Ennia Horia - close to your West Chania accommodation, far from modern development

Ennia Horia means "nine villages" in Greek. The name is used to define what is considered the most picturesque rural area in West Chania, just south of Kastelli Kissamos and its accommodations.

The Ennia Horia area is mountainous, with a climate very different to the one in the coastal areas of West Chania. This is also the place where you can find some of the best chestnuts in Crete.

The nine villages of the area are Amigdalokefali, Elos, Kambos, Koutsomatados, Milia, Papadiana, Perivolia, Topolia and Vlatos. In some of these traditional West Chania villages you can also find accommodation.

Possibly the most known of the nine villages are Topolia, for its imposing gorge (called "Topoliano Faragi" in Greek), and Milia, a small agricultural village where several old stone buildings have been smartly renovated.

The Ennia Horia area, apart from a very unique place in West Chania, is the perfect introduction to what lies further south: The Monastery of Chrysoskalitissa and the stunning Elafonissi lagoon and beach.

Chrysoskalitissa Monastery and Elafonissi lagoon and beach - not so far from your West Chania accommodation

South West of the Ennia Horia, and close to the village of Amigdalokefali, lies the small village of Chrysoskalitissa. The village grew around the Monastery of Chrysoskalitissa, the most known monastery in South West Chania. The centuries-old monastery, meaning "Virgin Mary of the Golden Step" in Greek, is a must-see when you are in the region. In August 15th, a great celebration takes place in the monastery, with crowds of faithful from all over the area gathering here - which also makes for an excellent photo opportunity. In the village there are a couple of accommodation options, but you will not find much of an infrastructure.

Five kilometers down the road from Chrysoskalitissa, you find the natural gem of the area: The magical Elafonissi lagoon and beach, one of the finest and most known beaches in West Chania and Crete.

Elafonissi is a shallow lagoon formed between the beach and the islet of the same name. The water is very clear, and the sand is colored pink, by the myriads of seashells in the area.

The beach, which is located on the south west edge of Chania and Crete, draws many visitors during the summer months.A more secluded beach during this period is the "secret" beach in front of the Elafonissi cedar forest. These cedars grow just a centimeter per year, and, along with the whole area of Elafonissi, they are environmentally protected by the Natura 2000 European program. To get to this stunning secret beach with crystal-clear water, you have to follow a dirt road without signs - ask a local for details. In the far edge of the beach you may occasionally find some nudists.

The great majority of the visitors in Elafonissi are daily visitors, as the accommodation options are few and not popular - instead, the visitors prefer to stay in hotels and apartments in Chania city or Kastelli Kissamos. Keep in mind that, as Elafonissi is an environmentally protected area, the local accommodations are in a distance from the beach.

The West Chania region is the ideal place for unique traveling experiences. Here, the scenic mountain landscapes and the gorges combine with known sights and one-of-a-kind beaches. And when staying in Arodamos Apartments & Studios you can enjoy everything your West Chania accommodation has to offer.