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Located in the heart of West Chania region, Arodamos Apartments & Studios gives you "VIP access" to the best this amazing part of Crete has to offer, from unspoilt beaches to great sights and lush landscapes

Arodamos Apartments & Studios is located in Mavros Molos, the best beach in Kastelli Kissamos.

Kastelli Kissamos, where Arodamos Apartments & Studios are located, is the larger town in the West Chania region, with many year-round residents and a great variety of shops, restaurants, cafes and bars. The town is known for its excellent fish taverns, who serve the freshest fish around - the "catch of the day".

Kastelli Kissamos is in a distance of about 40 kilometers west of Chania city - the road connecting them being the new and wide Chania-Kissamos national road. Close to the beautiful small town, and to the west, lies the fish harbor of Kastelli Kissamos, and, in a short distance also to the west, the commercial harbor of Kastelli Kissamos. From the commercial harbor you can take the boat to isolated places of unspoilt nature, like the famous Balos lagoon and beach.

Around Kastelli Kissamos - stunning beaches

The area around Kastelli Kissamos and the West Chania region in general is famous all over Greece for its great beaches.

First of all, Mavros Molos beach, where Arodamos Apartments & Studios is located, is a splendid beach with fine sand and crystal-clear water. Behind the beach, there is an array of restaurants, fish taverns, cafes and bars, everything being a few steps away.

Another gorgeous beach is Balos lagoon and beach. Balos, the most known beach in the area, is located about 14 kilometers north west of Kastelli Kissamos, and is a real tropical lagoon in Crete. As it is located on the north of the isolated, full of wild nature, Gramvousa peninsula, the best way to get there is by boat from Kastelli Kissamos harbor.

Balos lagoon and beach is an environmentally protected area and has a distinct white-pink sand, due to the many seashells in the area. The lagoon is well protected from the winds, as it lies inside a deep cove, and is also protected by Gramvousa islet, which is located just in front of the lagoon.

Balos combines the shallow, warm water of the lagoon and the fresh, crystal-clear water of the sea outside the lagoon. And for those of you who like to explore, the remains of the impressive centuries-old Venetian castle on top of the Gramvousa islet provide one of the best panoramic views in the north west coast of Crete.

About 10 kilometers west of Kastelli Kissamos lies another amazing beach: The beach of Falasarna (or Phalasarna). It is a kilometers-long beach with fine white sand and very clear water - a delight to swim into. The scenic landscape around the beach is marvelous, with high mountains rising steep into the sky.

Another world-class beach in the area is Elafonissi lagoon and beach. Elafonissi is a shallow lagoon formed between the beach and the islet with the same name. The beach with the white-pink sand and the crystal-clear water is very popular during summer. The whole area around Elafonissi is of unique natural beauty and has been declared a protected natural area.

Around Kastelli Kissamos - one-of-a-kind sights

What will impress you at first sight in Kastelli Kissamos is the rich history of the area, going back thousands of years. First, it is ancient Kissamos, which used to be in the exact place where modern Kastelli Kissamos lies. Ancient Kissamos was a city inhabited since the Minoan era, thousands of years ago. In today's town you will find remnants of the stonewall the Venetians built to protect the place from the raids of the Ottomans and the pirates. The long history of Kastelli Kissamos is the reason that the town has its own archaeological museum.

South of Kastelli Kissamos lie the ruins of ancient Polyrrinia, one of the most powerful cities in ancient Minoan Crete. Located strategically on top of a steep hill, the city controlled a large part of the West Chania area. In its heyday, its two harbors were ancient Kissamos and ancient Falasarna, the latter being close to Falasarna beach. All three cities flourished for centuries as commercial hubs.

Finally, close to Elafonissi lagoon and beach we find one of the most famous monasteries in Crete: the centuries-old Monastery of Chrysoskalitissa, an eternal symbol of Orthodox Christianity in West Crete. The impressive monastery is visitors-friendly, and is highly recommended to visitors of all ages.