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Kastelli Kissamos bay: Wild beauty, pure nature and marvelous beaches in a bay that has it all

Kastelli Kissamos bay is the largest bay in Crete and one of the largest in Greece. It is formed by the two long peninsulas of Gramvousa on the west, and Rodopou on the east.

The bay of Kasteli Kissamos is also known for its wild beauty and its untouched nature, as both the peninsulas of Gramvousa and Rodopou are practically uninhabited.

In the deepest point of the bay lies the town of Kastelli Kissamos, the biggest town west of Chania, where Arodamos Apartments & Studios is located.

Explore Kastelli Kissamos bay

Probably the best way to explore Kastelli Kissamos bay is by boat. The harbor of Kastelli Kissamos, which lies about 3 kilometers west of the town, has daily routes to the well-known Balos lagoon and Gramvousa islet, both on the northwest coast of Gramvousa peninsula. During these boat trips, you can admire the magnificent scenery of the bay by the sea.

Another way to explore the unique landscape of Kastelli Kissamos bay is by a 4x4 vehicle that you can rent from the town of Kastelli Kissamos. A 4x4 vehicle is essential to drive on the dirt road that starts in the Kaliviani village and leads to Balos lagoon. During the trip, you have an excellent view from the road to the scenic bay.

If you wish to explore the east side of the bay by car, unfortunately there is not a road similar to the above on the Rodopou peninsula. But you can drive to the village of Ravdouha, in the base of the peninsula, which offers excellent view to the bay of Kastelli Kissamos.

The untouched nature of Kastelli Kissamos bay

The bay of Kastelli Kissamos is one of the last places in the Mediterranean that still preserve their wild flora and fauna. Something that never fails to impress the nature lovers visiting the bay are the beautiful and unique wildflowers of the area.

The bay also boasts plenty of excellent beaches, like the one in the town of Kastelli Kissamos. The perfect combination of a splendid beach with the scenic bay is hard to forget - so hard that many visitors return to the place year after year.

The bay of Kastelli Kissamos is best suited to visitors who seek real relaxation and who want to be close to the unique nature of the West Chania area. The rugged terrain, the breathtaking views, the wild nature, the gorgeous beaches, all of them make your holidays to Kastelli Kissamos bay a select, one-of-a-kind experience.